Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I've been trying my best to get back in touch with God after a lot of complacency and He is really welcoming me back!

I am starting off by improving in my prayer life, which is going well. Ryan and I are also praying more together and spending less time doing "other things"...which has been really fruitful.

I find myself realizing more and more how I idolize marriage. Well, not relly marriage persay as much as rings, weddings, planning, taking control, etc... It's a big distraction. :)

So I've been praying about that recently and God is showing me a lot. Today I was a Adoration with Ryan and felt God telling me to read pg 376 of the Bible, which was 2 Kings 23. It was about King Josiah destroying the idols that Isreal had turned to.

Before him there had been no king who turned to the LORD as he did, with his whole heart, his whole soul, and his whole strength, in accord with the entire law of Moses; nor could any after him compare with him. 2 Kings 23: 25

So it's been good! I've felt really inspired to turn back to God with my whole heart, whole soul, and whole strength! God is faithful! I find myself trusting Ryan's judgement more as I let go of control more and trust in God. Life is good.

Praised be Jesus!

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