Monday, January 12, 2009

sickest ever

Let me begin by stating that I am horribly afraid of bugs.

I'm fairly convinced that bugs are teaming up as we speak to plot out my demise.

That being said, contrary to popular belief, I am fine with bugs when they are in their natural environment. Their natural environment, however, is not my food.

So today I decided to eat some pasta for dinner. I measured out one cup of rotini noodles and noticed there was only a small amount left and decided to make the rest. As I was pouring it out, though, I noticed some dead bugs in the bottom of the box, which was disgusting. Even more disgusting was the fact that they actually weren't dead. I noticed that when I freaked out, spilled the rest of the pasta on the counter and all of the bugs were squirming around.

The little bug were everywhere! The were in the little nooks of the pasta, in the box, around my counter tops...everywhere.

So I tore apart my cupboards and searched through all of my food looking for parasitic invaders. I put everything that I thought a bug would like to eat in ziplock bags or mason jars. I threw away anything that I couldn't search through (cereal, bread, etc.). Then I took out the trash and cholroxed my entire kitchen. (This does nothing good for my OCD cleaning tendancies!)

I didn't see anymore bugs, but I'm not convinced they're gone. I read some advice online and it seems like I did the right thing.

And what makes it ever worse is that I ate those noodles a week ago and didn't notice a thing.



Joyce Babbitt said...

I just cleaned my cupboards too....hopefully rid of the meely moths....ugh........mine started in a sealed box of Quaker Oats and they actually burrowed a hole OUT of the box and spread to EVERYTHING!! I'm sure you have the cleanest kitchen in the state!!

sarah said...

I too have everything in tupperware and Mason Jars for just this reason. I take it a step farther and keep all my flours, corn meal and pasta in the fridge. Ick ick ick!!! Once I found some of the icky critters in some trail mix I had just purchased from Hy-Vee. I ate a bite and then noticed the moth larvae. EWwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

kimberly said...

sickest ever!!!!!