Saturday, June 28, 2008

i get by with a little help from my friends

Today was cleaning day at the old apartment. I was dreading this day since the day I moved in, but three of my wonderful friends (Meggan, James, and Phil) came over to help me. I wiped the smudges off walls, cleaned cobwebs, and was the general organizer. Meggan cleaned my entire bathroom and wiped down the kitchen cupboards. Phil cleaned all of the windows, vacuumed, and cleaned on top of the cupboards and behind the fridge. James ran to the store for supplies, cleaned smudges off walls, and packed all of Kim's remaining things into boxes.

So here's the nasty part...

Behind the fridge had not been cleaned for at least a year before we moved in. I know this because when we pulled the fridge out, we found old dog food on top of the fridge (we don't have a dog). There was about 3" of dust bunnies plastered to the floor. In the dust we found old cigarettes (we don't smoke and none of our friends do either), a mardi gras baby, a broken fly swatter, and a magnet and potholder that I had lost. There was a 1.5" gap between the wall and floor. Now I know where all the bugs came from!

I will be forever indebted to Phillip because he got right in there and tackled the mess! It was immaculate when he was done (minus the walls that already were missing chunks of paint). Not only should they return my entire deposit, but they should pay me for leaving the apartment in better condition than I'd found it!

I also have to thank Joe and Tony for helping me move my "beast" of a sleeper sofa (as they termed it), my futon frame, my bed's box spring, and my bed frame to my new apartment! I don't know what I would have done without their help and Joe's trailer! It took us about 5-10 minutes just to get the sofa out of the old apartment's door and I had to remover the door from the wall before it would even work at all! Not to mention the bed kept falling out as we were taking it down the stairs!

Of course I have the amazing Ryan Babbitt to thank as well. He came last Monday and spent 10+ hours helping me move most of my stuff to my new apartment. It as a good experience as a couple because it showed us how we react (and react to each other) in a potentially frustrating situation. It was fun, though. We laughed a lot of the day despite my ineptitude at moving large furniture. Good thing Ryan is a big strong man!

My friends are so amazing! I'm glad to have their help!

Jesus! Thank you for giving me such wonderful friends! I feel so blessed to be surrounded be these awesome people!

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