Tuesday, June 17, 2008

in charge

I have worked at Blank for a little over a year now and was recently asked to be a preceptor for a nursing student! It was a big honor for me and I am really excited about it!

Today the nursing student surprised me by showing up to work with me. It was such a busy day! I didn't even get to eat or sit down at all until two hours before my shift was over! Even then I only had a 30-minute time slot to get that done.

But overall I think it went well. She is going to work with me until the beginning of July.

So yay for being a preceptor!


Ruth Ann said...

Congrats! That's awesome! You will be an excellent teacher too! :)

Orange + Aqua said...

Kathleen, good for you! I loved precepting and teaching! Hope all is well! Take care and have fun! ~Chrissy

Orange + Aqua said...

Oops, don't be scared, forgot to tell you I found your blog through Brody's blog--also, we blog about our baby girl on blogger, check it out some time when you have a chance!