Friday, June 20, 2008

playing christina

Last Sunday after Mass my Goddaughter and her older sister Libbie disappeared to the third flood playroom for about 30 minutes. When they returned, Cecilia (my Goddaughter) was sporting a very close cut new hair-do. Her mom was pretty sure who had done it, but Libbie wasn't confessing.

However, during the family rosary, when it was Libbie's turn to lead a decade, she burst into tears and cried "I pray that my mommy isn't mad at me anymore for cutting Cecie's hair!" To which Sue replied "Well, your mother Mary isn't mad at you, so keep praying!"

Apparently, she was "playing Christina" (my wonderful cosmetologist friend who happens to cut their hair as well).

For a punishment, Sue had Christina cut Libbie's hair short so she couldn't wear "pretties" in it anymore. And Christina did a great job with Cecie's hair - it looks intentionally short.

Pictures when I have the opportunity!

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