Friday, June 20, 2008

moving out moving in

June 15th I became the tennant of two apartments. I am to move out of my current apartment by June 30th, and in the meantime have 15 days to move into the new one.'s slow going. I find myself reluctant to move anything at all unless I know I won't need it in the near future (such as winter coats, which I surprizingly have not moved yet).

Yesterday afternoon before work I spent 2 hours moving probably about 300lbs worth of boxes down 2 flights of stairs and up 1 flight of stairs to their new home. Wednesday, I purchased a kitched table and chairs which I need to pick up this afternoon and a lovely stainless steel trashcan. Tuesday I bought three coffee tables.

It's been a great 2.5 years living with Kim (and sometimes Meggan and sometimes Chelle). I am sad to move away but excited to see where life will take me next. It's a great adventure.

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