Monday, June 02, 2008


Today I realized just how pitifully dependent I am on my cell phone.

The battery was dying, so I shut it off (which was hard enough- what if someone would have called?!?). When I got home, I rushed to my charger and my phone would not charge or even turn on.

Frantically, I ran around the apartment trying different outlets, but the results were the same. A dismal black screen reminding me of how horrible my life was about to become.

Thankfully Chelle was home, so I borrowed her phone and called my sister in a panic. She suggested I try pushing the battery closer to the phone, which didn't work. I tried to take the battery out, but I couldn't figure it out. So, wise little Emily suggested I go down to the Verizon store.

At the store, my new hero was able to fix my phone. He said the battery had frozen, but he fixed it - free of charge, of course. As I left the store I blurted out "Thank you so much! You're my HERO!"

I am such a dork and way too dependent on my personal technologies.

God bless America!

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