Monday, May 23, 2005

boating jobs

So the past few days have been a bit slower here in Virginia. I spent most of the weekend boating and hanging out with my family. I also went to Wal Mart with my aunt and got some flowers for her garden. I am pretty excited to help her plant them! We also got cucumber and yellow squash plants! I love those vegetables so much! I'm pretty excited about it all!

Yesterday my cousin David came over and we all went boating. Below is a picture of my aunt's dog, Bailey, sitting on my Grandma's lap. It was cute because after we left Baliey got shooed off of Grandma's lap, so she sat on me the whole ride. :)

After boating Dave, Chris, and I played ultimate frisbee. I wasn't super good at throwing the frisbee, so they were trying to teach me. I got a bit better, but not too much. Then we made ham and cheese crepes for dinner. It was pretty fun to help them cook! My Grandma, aunt and I also made a chocolate creme pie, but we left it on the stove when the crepes were in the oven, so the pie was very melty. I had mine drizzled over ice cream. :)

Today I woke up and called the hospital in Fredericksburg whereI had applied, but they said that they were not going to hirepeople just for the summer. So I looked in the paper andsaw a want-ad for CNAs at a long-term care facility. I calledover there and they told me to come over and fill out an application, so I did. The receptionist told me that she wouldgive it to the hiring people and they would call me "very soon,"so we'll have to see what that means.

Then I went to my Grandma's house for dinner to celebratemy Grandpa's birthday. Now I am spending the night at myGrandma's and am going to my aunt's school tomorrow.

AND I GET TO GO TO MASS TOMORROW!!!! I'm so happy about that! ;)

Well, dear and faithful readers, I am going to go talk to Jesus and "hit the hay!" I hope you all sleep well!

God bless you!

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sirhair said...

yay! mass!!!
(wheres the picture?)
I'm still offering you up in prayer every few hours ;-)
7-mass/morning prayer 8-rosary 3-divine mercy 330 adoration 530 evening prayer 9 night prayer amongst other times :-) You're an AMAZING WOMAN!