Saturday, May 14, 2005

have to get me one of these

So I just went to the grocery store to fill my prescription and I was definately shocked. The pharmacist handed me a really fat prescription bottle and I was thinking Great! I get migranes almost every day, or at least once a week, so there should be a lot of pills in there since they're super little. it definately had SIX individually wrapped pills in it. And the best part? It cost $100.72! :-/ Hence my need for this little guy:

Large Funny Money Bank

Actually, it isn't that bad, and God bless our health insurance, because I only had to pay $15 for it and the insurance covered the rest. But Jesus help whoever doesn't have health insurance and suffers from chronic migranes.

God bless America! Oye!

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sirhair said...

thats my exclamation! Oye! (though I dont know how often I've used it near you... ) :-)