Sunday, May 15, 2005

let's hope this cathches on

You have to love is when politicians speak the truth (although he is more than a politician). Read this very interesting article from Renew America and EWTN.

Keyes on abortion and same-sex marriage

In an interview that was broadcast April 26 on the Global Catholic Network (EWTN), Alan Keyes said that abortion and same-sex marriage are natural extensions of society’s widespread acceptance of contraception.

By divorcing marital relations from the possibility of having children, Keyes said, society has spawned an ethic that not only sanctions abortion (because producing children is deemed undesirable and irrelevant to sexual relations), but supports same-sex marriage--which centers in sexual activity without the possibility of procreation.

The more that sexual activity has become deliberately separated from procreation, Keyes observed, “Homosexuals will step forward and say, ‘Well, if marriage is just about pleasure and personal fulfillment and the relationship of the persons involved, we can do that.’”

Same premise, same logic.

Keyes noted that the real cause of such absurdity is that God’s plan for marriage--which, according to scripture, centers in procreation--has been too-often removed from the sexual relationship.

Take the divine purpose from the relationship, he said, and you end up with a rationale that favors same-sex marriage:

“Once we start to turn our backs on the real meaning of sexual relations, we gut the real meaning of marriage. As a result, the institution is destroyed in its very concept, because we have turned our back on God’s plan.”

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